Excuses, Excuses, Excuses


Here are my feeble excuses for the past month for not getting through my to do list quicker:


  • Relaxing after a record-breaking Film Festival at New Park – I’m pleased to announce that admissions were up 10% on last year (which was our previous best year ever).  Who said summer film festivals don’t work 🙂
  • It was my 46th birthday and I’ve just discovered the Hugo cocktail
  • Glorious, wonderful, tremendous Goodwood Revival
  • A health scare (St. Richard’s hospital has a lot of my blood!) – which reminds me, Draper’s Yard are hosting a “Cake Off” this Friday to celebrate the Macmillan Coffee Morning and to raise vital funds for this wonderful organisation
  • Working at Chic Boutique (Draper’s Yard – again!) – helping out my friend Debs whilst she suns herself in Cyprus
  • Arguing with BT about about their shocking customer service and in particular them taking almost a month to diagnose a faulty router (a week on, and I’m still waiting on a replacement)
  • New business meetings and the joy of collaboration and getting organised using tools like Google Docs and Asana
  • I’ve discovered mindfulness and Hygge
Not really great excuses – that still leaves many hours where a strong cup of coffee would’ve got this post out sooner!  Let’s move on.
One of the major topics that came out of our August meeting was around bringing in new customers by improving your “storytelling” ie the power of your content. Ben of Pallant Digital shared his case study of working with the Natural Navigator and Kylee of Shotgun PR offered some great advice too.  Johnny, a freelance copywriter, is our member expert in this regard and created a simple “TOP FIVE TIPS for writing better business blogs” which I’ve shared in the members group page too.  Please add your comments in the thread.
In this past month I’ve also delivered a bespoke How To workshop on getting the most out of your social media channels.  Again, this is a popular topic at our meetings, so I’m looking for support from our digital marketing members to develop a 2-hour session that we can deliver – my weakness is LinkedIn business pages. Can you help?
On to our next meeting, which is being hosted at the Real Burger Kitchen on South Street.  Going to kick off at 9am again, as this seemed to suit many more members – over 20 attendees in August, which we’re really proud of.
If you’d like to share any questions/points of discussion ahead of Friday’s meeting, then please do post  on the group page – if you’re not already a member, click on the Join Group button.
Have a great week and I’d love to hear about your woes and wins. Hopefully see many of you on Friday morning.
Photos from the August meeting of the Last Friday Club, hosted by Draper’s Yard

Learn more about Chichester networking via the Last Friday Club

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