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Personalise your content for the channel

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-11-34-08UPDATED: 17th February, 2017

If you do only one thing today, disconnect your Facebook posts from Twitter (and vice versa).

And why should you do this? Your message will often get truncated (i.e. cut off part way through – Twitter posts are limited to 140 characters) and the lack of imagery makes for a dull post that is unlikely to get much (if any) engagement. It’s also annoying for your followers having to click on a link that then takes them to Facebook to read the rest of the post!

FB on TwitThis is what a Facebook post can look like when automatically pushed through to Twitter.  This was actually a picture of a new product – what a shame. BTW, the one reply was me offering some tips.

1) How to unlink Twitter – login to your Facebook account:

When you’ve done that, switch off pushing your tweets to Facebook. Why? Any account you mention, won’t be a clickable link once it arrives in your Facebook feed, so you’ll miss out on engagement from those you’ve tagged. As above, clicking on the post will then take you to Twitter, which is not where your customer (potential customer) started or wanted to be reading your updates in the first place!

2) How to unlink Facebook – login in to your Twitter account > Settings > Apps and disconnect.

Facebook and Twitter aren’t friends – they’re competitors.  They’re never going to share content “nicely” between each other.

Instagram is a different story – Facebook owns Instagram – so it will present your image in your Facebook feed as you intended. A further top tip if you are going to share your Instagram posts direct to Facebook from within the app, make the photo caption sharp and succinct and then add any relevant hashtags as a secondary comment to keep the post “clean” looking but still searchable.

My advice is to switch off the auto-posting & invest in 5mins to edit your content to suit the channel; you’ll reap the rewards.


Not sure what I mean? Drop me a line and I’ll share some examples that break my heart.