Last Friday Club – first meeting!

A BIG THANK YOU to those of you that made it to today’s inaugural meeting of the Last Friday Club.

When we came up with the idea just 3 short weeks ago, we hoped we had pitched it right and that maybe a handful of people would turn up – to have almost 20 of you come along at 8am on a sunny Friday surprised us, to say the least.

The energy and enthusiasm (combined with the excellent Attibassi coffee), kept me on a high all day!

And the range of businesses – from tattoo removal to fine art curation – really shows the tip of the iceberg of the talents and variety we have on offer here in Chichester.

We look forward to seeing you again – and new faces – on Friday June 24th, venue to be confirmed.

If you weren’t able to make it today, but are keen to get involved, please do message me direct and we’ll add you to “the list”

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