Who I work with

Some of the amazing independent organisations and individuals I’m already working with. I also do a bit of ad-hoc consultancy with individuals and small business owners particularly in the area of hospitality and the arts.

Pallant Digital 

pallant twitter logo

I work freelance for Pallant Digital on social media and inbound marketing projects. They specialise in forging long-term relationships and helping businesses to grow at a challenging, but achievable, pace online. They were a natural choice for me to work with.

South Coast HR

Founded by Emily Perry in 2012, South Coast HR‘s aim is to provide companies without their own internal HR expertise with no-nonsense, business focussed, expert HR advice in a truly flexible manner. I started working with Emily and her team in August 2016 and we have seen the engagement increase significantly. I manage the LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook feeds as well as admin on their WordPress site and creation of newsletters via MailChimp.

LWS Marketing

LWS is a full-service marketing agency based in Arundel.  When founding director, lws-logoClaire Love, started the company she had one goal in mind and that was ‘to work in partnership with ambitious business owners to help them to nail their digital presence.’ And it’s for this reason that I was very pleased to have been recommended to LWS following my work with SC-HR.

I manage the social feeds for a number of their clients and work closely with the account directors to ensure alignment with their marketing strategies.

Chichester Cinema at New Park 

Chichester Cinema is a local, independent, cinema that’s dedicated to showing the best in cinema and live performance from the UK & abroad.  Supporting the PR and Marketing manager, who primarily focuses on offline activities, I directed the online social marketing strategy Chichester Cinema at New Park logofor the 2016 International Film Festival – increasing use of Facebook and Twitter to widen their audience profile by creating a buzz around this prestigious annual event. Post-Festival, I continue to manage and maintain their social feeds, the objective remains increasing engagement across different audience profiles.

Stats snapshot during the 2016 International Film Festival – #CIFF25: Facebook likes up over 50%, post engagements up by 400%. We are looking to build on that for this year’s Festival – #CIFF26

Festival of Chichester

The Festival of Chichester is held annually featuring over 200 events across a period of 30 days or so, this year it ran 17 June to 16 July.  In order to leverage the full benefits of FestOfChi logosocial media, the committee invited digital marketing volunteers to assist in running the Twitter and Facebook accounts.  As I do this for a living and have strong feelings on previous output, it would’ve been churlish of me not to get involved. As the most experienced of the 5 volunteers, I took the lead and planned out how we could manage it whilst ensuring on-brand consistency and tone of voice and avoiding duplication or gaps!

Unfortunately no stats from last year to compare to, but the Festival committee hailed it their best year yet in terms of engagement.

Strohacker Design School

stroh logoWorking with the director of this new and prestigious design school in Sussex, which launched January 2017. My role has been looking at channels and routes in for promotion, writing press releases and advising on content for the social channels and suggesting website improvements to improve usability for potential students and partners.

I’m also in the early stages of implementing a social media campaign strategy for a beauty spa brand and consulting for a couple of hospitality-based businesses. I also continue to do some pro-bona work for a number of individuals via my networking group – The Last Friday Club – Chichester.

Of course I can’t mention everything here, so please do get in touch to learn more about what I can do for YOU.

If you’d like to meet me in my natural habitat, please do pop along to one of my monthly, informal, networking eventsall welcome and free to join.